Over the last few weeks we have been working on a top secret Out of Home campaign (OOH). The brief was to create some “high impact� OOH, that would get people talking.

An early step in our process was to find and review examples of other campaigns that were considered “high impact�.

Below are my favorites from the world of OOH.








I have a facebook page, I get my RSS on with a few blogs, but I’m not really an active social networker, I have never tweeted, I’m a little bit old school, I leave that for the birds.

I don’t believe that Tweeting and following twitters has any substance, it’s hardly revolutionary in my view, it’s called conversation, we’ve been doing it for a long time now. Of course, everyone’s interested in the marketing potential, Twitter is apparently worth a billion dollars despite not having turned over a single cent. I’ve always thought that my generation are a bit self obsessed and see Twitter as a way to talk about themselves even when there’s nobody else around, so it doesn’t surprise me that the most Tweeted topic is Twitter itself, iPhone is high on the list too. I imagine there are a lot of tweets along the lines of “just using twitter on my iPhone lol”.

Below is a list of brands mentioned over a 24 hour period on Twitter, it’s kind of a boring list, mostly computer/internet related stuff – mostly, it seems, people are getting on there computers and mobile devices to talk about their computers and mobile devices. I don’t really know what to make of it, there’s no mention of whether or not the Tweeters (Twits?) are saying nice things about these brands or not.


If you’re a tweet follower, someone sent me this a while back, it worth following, if you follow such things.

And now I’m going to get my old school on, with some old school goodness that you can’t find on your MyFace and SpaceBook pages…

This is still the most on-target advertising I have ever seen:


This is excellent old school exaggeration in advertising from Atari:

Cover Art…


Actual game play…


And here’s an ad for a 15MB Hard Drive for only $2495:


Moonwalk, electric boogie, head spin and top rock to that.



The Amazon Kindle is starting to become a new and exciting trend as a replacement to books and the traditional newspapers.

For those of us who still like to feel and touch newspapers and books this is sad to see.  However, the Kindle is a cleaner, environmentally friendlier option that also eliminates the clutter of books.  For our generation and our parent’s generation having bookcases of books, magazines, encyclopedia britannica and journals was something you cherished and even bragged about; nowadays the clutter of these material things is increasingly becoming less within the younger generations.

Thou it is hard for me to say lets embrace the Kindle as this is the sign of things to come in our digital age.

Amazon Kindle 2


 sweet undies

Attention shoppers of Walmart : you’re the subject of a new blog that has gone highly viral. The site People of Walmart is the latest user-submitted photo blog to take off. It has had hundreds of thousands of hits already, as Walmart shoppers around the country send in photos of the weird and the wonderful that make up this retail chain’s unique clientele.

The founders say they draw the line at people who are handicapped: “We don’t make fun of people who can’t help their appearance. … Let’s face it; we all have seen the people who obviously don’t have mirrors and/or family and friends to lock them in a basement, and they all seem to congregate at Walmart.”

To some this may be a quick joke, to others the potential for way for brands to build a little fun into their social media strategy that appeals to the masses…time will tell how Walmart will react to this. Meantime we’ll keep these wonderful people in mind as we work on the next shopper marketing campaign.


Murray Grossmith

The Lance Armstrong Foundation LIVESTONG has teamed up with Nike for their latest campaign to run during this year’s Tour de France (which started on the 4th July). Text messages of hope and support are applied to the cycle route using the specially developed Chalkbot, a kind of mobile, chalk spewing inkjet printer. People who have sent texts are then given GPS coordinates telling them where their message will appear on the route. Check it out…


I am sure you have all heard about this recent “best job in the world” campaign that was run by Tourism Queensland – Australia.

What an absolutely brilliant marketing and advertising campaign.  See below for more information.

Congratulations Ben Southall

After a worldwide search, Tourism Queensland have appointed their
new Islands Caretaker. Stay tuned, the real fun begins from the 1st of July,
when Ben Southall starts work. In the meantime, to see what Ben’s been up to, visit his blog

Ben Southall



The news media landscape is changing rapidly with a number of the world’s most famous newspapers closing or reporting financial difficulties. More people than ever before are getting their daily news fix from online newspapers and blog sites. The most powerful of them all is The Huffington Post. In February alone it had almost 9 million unique visitors to its site. For news addicts this is a must read.

Reporter Foley

No one does anything, alone.

Not when it comes to marketing.

For you to want to enter into the art of selling, someone has to really want to enter into the art of manufacturing.

For you to beautifully communicate through visuals and words, someone has to want to look, listen-and ultimately care.

Meditation is good to do alone.

Brooding over shot after shot of straight scotch on a frozen, wet middle of the night is really smart to do alone.  Mandatory, in fact.

But not marketing.

The bigger the mass the better.

Look, I’m a creative guy through and through.  Proud of it.

But I’m not good enough or patient enough to create fine art.

I’m not smart enough or patient enough to write a book.

But I am intuitive enough and tasteful enough to do ads that play on the emotions and the mind.

And in advertising and all of it’s tight deadlines,

Lack of patience is a virtue.  It works for me.

The fact is, it works for those whom the marketing communications was intended.

They don’t have a lot of time to give to an ad. In the consumer world, patience is precious.

Lor Gold

With the recent growing trend of social networking is twiter starting to sneak up on the likes of facebook and myspace?



The crack of leather on willow is not a sound you might expect in Chicago. But on any given weekend, and with a bit of hunting, you’ll find the most English of summer pastimes played in leisurely fashion at local parks.

Our Chicago based team established the PGH Fender XI three years ago after recruiting a number of Aussies and Poms to make up the numbers – and we haven’t looked back.

In many ways the PGH Fender XI is a metaphor for the uniqueness Americans see in New Zealanders. We approach things with a fresh point of view which is attractive to many Americans, we are not from Europe, yet we are English speaking, our sports are new, our accents are unexpected and our outlook is positive; these ‘quirks’ open a lot of doors.

The Fenders cricket team has also become a useful business tool. We’ve have recruited staff through the Fenders cricket team, it is a great way to dig out any Kiwis hiding in the vast Chicago suburbs, and made many contacts with people in senior positions in Chicago business – many of them Americans who “just came down for a look�.

Our Australia players tend to have executive level positions in the city which have proven useful for growing our business network. The Fenders playing shirt is also ‘hot’ merchandising item in Chicago, at recent business function we presented the Head of Sales for ESPN with a replica cricket shirt. He loved it so much he wore it all night. In fact he might still be wearing it.

In these global times the unique culture, thinking and attitudes (and seemingly now even sports) are increasingly sought-after by American business. New Zealand is the unexpected new kid on the global block, everyone understands that Asia and ‘New Europe’ is now cemented in the business consciousness, but we were a global-googly.

As such our offering is a delight to businesses wary and weary of working with the developing world.

In our experience there’s never been a better chance for New Zealand ‘commercial creative’ companies to gain a foothold in America than now.

In the last five years large American companies have begun outsourcing creative work to smaller niche agencies like never before. This has had a profound impact on the growth of specialist smaller agencies, who are seen by many to have less vested interest, greater mobility and creativity than traditional full-service agencies.

TimeZoneOne recently successfully presented surf and snow board marketing ideas to Budweiser. Bud may be a massive company but they use a network of smaller agencies to provide them with original and nimble thinking.

The opportunity is great for New Zealand commercial creative companies.

Before setting up in Chicago we established TimeZoneOne in London. This was hard work, business by internet was new, the time zones were tough and the English found it hard to believe that Kiwi creativity was of the highest quality (this was pre Lord of the Rings). It did however prove that the business idea worked.

Several years later we opted for the US, where the company was viewed with much more interest, intrigue and respect than in the UK. I’ve never had to convince American clients as to the quality of our work – it’s just assumed because we’re Kiwis, they have a built in belief that NZ = Best.

We employ a business model that takes advantage of the difference in time zones between the US and New Zealand.

The Chicago office acts as the ‘front door’ and is primarily used for sales and client management. While the US sleeps, creative work rolls out of our Christchurch offices, ready for presentation to clients the next US day. This allows our business to become, in essence, a “24 hour� operation.

This speed of delivery is perhaps are most valued offering to market. Every business wants stuff fast, and creative and marketing is no different. Our 24 hour business model is something that our competitors can not offer. Indeed many of the large agencies are trying to set up 24 hour production facilities in the US, but are finding it impossible to get the graphic designers willing to work at 3am.

Setting up in America may seem a daunting prospect; and it is. But once you find you feet and accept that you don’t recognise anything in the supermarket, you will find that business is better in the US. The Americans love business, they appreciate sales and they want to find new and better ways.

Operationally there is little difference between sending work in electronic format 300km or 13,000km. Negotiating time zones has also provided little hindrance to business – time zones are a natural part of pan-American business, with meetings routinely structured around East Coast / West Coast time differences.

Technology is also enhancing our inter-office communications. Adopting video conferencing, teleconferencing, an ftp site to transfer large files and email has made maintaining inter-office and client relationships simple. It also makes for a very sustainable business.

This “24 hour model� is one that many other New Zealand businesses can employ, and sell, as a point of difference overseas. If they’re like TimeZoneOne, they can also talk about “fresh creative, faster and with a fairer bill�.

Americans are increasingly liking the taste of Kiwi. Last Christmas, we took this taste to the Americans literally, having a local Christchurch micro-brewery brew a batch of “Captain Cooks Spruce Beer� for clients.

Not surprisingly, they loved it. Or so they said.

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