In my last post, I wrote about comedy being one of the purest forms of creativity. Another area where I think creativity can be found in its purest state is Hip Hop. At first glance, Hip Hop may appear to be little more than remixed beats and cliched ‘gangsta’ rhetoric. Admittedly, there’s a lot of that and that is what tends to bubble to the surface for the mainstream audience to see. However, at its core, Hip Hop is pure creativity. Hip Hop is about creating something out of nothing.

The four elements or Hip Hop are DJing, MCing, Graffiti writing and Break Dancing (Some people include Beat-Boxing.. I don’t). So we have music, dance, visual art and performance represented, but Hip Hop’s creativity extends well beyong these things. Hip Hop involves a completely different way of thinking. Hip Hop involves creating something out of nothing.

This video pretty much sums it up (from around 00:47-01:49, if you’re in a rush)…

Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education from sam seidel on Vimeo.

In another example of Hip Hop’s creativity, New Zealand Artist David Dallas is giving his latest album away for FREE in order to make himself known. After reaching Number 1 here in New Zealand in 2009 with his album Something Awesome and winning best Urban/Hip Hop Album at the 2010 New Zealand Music Awards, David Dallas has signed with U.S. label Duck Down, putting him in the company of great artists such as KRS-One and Pharoahe Monch, and is looking to make a name for himself internationally. You can download the whole album (legally), The Rose Tint, from here. It’s a choice album, XXL gave it XL/XXL. Tell a friend, Tweet about it and check him out on facebook.