Following up from my post on all the amazing things that our mobile devices do for us these days, here is a mobile that does, pretty much,… nothing.

It’s called the Æ+Y.

You can’t download apps. You can’t surf the web or check emails – I’m assuming you can still make calls and send SMS, but I haven’t actually read that it can – but it does have a calcultor. The battery only lasts 5 hours. And it costs around $60,000… that’s because it is made of 24k gold. Expensive, heavy gold. I don’t know what it weighs, but I’m sure you could get a lot more gold for your $60,000 and I’d say that it will drag your trousers down a bit, so I suggest that if you are considering this phone, you should also hire someone to carry it around for you.

And so while most of us are using our mobiles more and more and marketing needs to prepare itself for the very near future where most people don’t bother to turn their PC on, if Russian billionaires are your target market, don’t worry about it, they don’t have internet access on their mobiles.

David McLeod